Last of the Dani

My recent story “Last of the Dani” from West Papua, Indonesia:

The Dani people populate the Baliem Valley in West Papua Province of Indonesia. They first came into contact with modern civilization in 1938 when the Baliem Valley was discovered by the American zoologist, Richard Archbold, during his expedition in New Guinea. At that time the Dani lived in the Stone Age and many had practiced cannibalism.

Asike Halu, 67, near the ATM machine of the BRI bank in Wamena town. Asike makes money from tourists, allowing them taking photos of him charging 5 to 10 thousand rupiahs (0.5 – 1 USD) per click and also providing them local guide services. Asike makes from 10 to 60 US dollars a day and keeps his money in the bank.

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  1. Illustrious Peacock

    Fantastic. Was delighted to stumble across this. I read a book some years ago about the Dani and is fantastic to see a recent image. Wonderful. Thank you for brightening my day.

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