Mozambican Traditional Healers by Vlad Sokhin

Maputo citizen Kadija Salimo Giva (32) receiving traditional treatment from misfortune. According to her words, she doesn’t have luck with choosing partners for the future marriage. Madamba village, Tete province.

In Mozambique, traditional healers are more popular than professional doctors. All witchdoctors are members of AMETRAMO – Association of Traditional Medics of Mozambique, which brings together practitioners from across the country and issues them a license to “doctor” activities.
To help people, healers call upon spirits, who enter their bodies for a short time during a given session. After a session, doctors give patients compounds of dried herbs and roots, or take their patients through a variety of “wellness” ceremonies, such as bathing in goat’s blood or making special cuts with a razor blade all over the patient’s body. 

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