75. ‘Raskols’ are infamous inhabitants of the settlements of big towns in Papua New Guinea. ‘Once you enter the settlement, anybody can be a ‘raskol’, even me’, joked one of my fixers.

Some of the criminals have jobs. They work as bus drivers or security guards during the day and go out at night with their hand-made guns to get extra cash. But a majority of them are boys who left school early and struggle to find jobs in the cities.

“We thought this stealing… the killings, would make our life easier but now we regret that we left school and didn’t finish our studies,” one of the gang leaders said to me.

“You regret that you didn’t complete school? What about the rapes and the killings,” I asked, “Do you regret that or not?”

“I don’t care to regret about this. This is everyday life. I don’t think about that, I forgot everything, I don’t regret.”

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