Crying Meri by Vlad Sokhin

Rasta Twa (around 60 years old), was accused of being a sorcerer by people from her village, after the death of a young man in 2003. During the funeral, which gathered all the villagers, the crowd surrounded Rasta and began to beat her severely, strangling her with a rope and wielding axes, bush knives and wooden sticks. Rasta managed to escape and ran into her house, where she was caught up by one of the pursuers. He intended to cut off Rasta’s head with a bush knife, but she managed to protect her with her arm, which was immediately chopped off. Rasta managed to survive that day, but had to leave the village for good. Her husband later received 600 kina (around 300 dollars) from the village elders for the damage of his wife. Nevertheless, Rasta never received the money from her husband and had to seek for help from her relatives in her home village of Kudjip (Jiwaka Province), where she lives up to now.

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