Zion Church exorcists by Vlad Sokhin

“Xiwatso” (egg bath) purification ceremony on the Beach of the Maziones in Maputo. Mozambique.

Zion Church derived its name from the American town of Zion (Illinois). In the beginning of the XX century, its founder Daniel Bryant came to South Africa for preaching. From there Church spread to Mozambique. According to the Church’s belief, the evil spirits can possess anyone and should be excelled from the people. The Zion exorcism practices are usually take place in the churches or in the open water and conducted by “prophets” – who are granted the authority over demons. In the Mozambican capital, Maputo, on the “Beach of Maziones”, those purification ceremonies are held twice a week. The leaders of the Zion Church frequently mix Christianity with African paganism, and quite often Zion priests and “prophets” work as witchdoctors at the same time.

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