01. Banil came to the Antenatal Clinic of Port Moresby after having been sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. The day after their separation, her former partner came to her parents’ house and, threatening her with a knife, dragged Banil to a bush area. There he beat her and raped her. Banil’s father managed to find his daughter lying unconscious on the ground and brought her to the hospital.

05. Members of the Raskol gang ‘Dirty Dons 585’, in the 9 Mile Settlement, Port Moresby. The gang committed a set of rapes and armed robberies. ‘Dirty Dons’ admit that two thirds of their victims are women.

10. Mafu, 30, with a home made gun in one of the settlements of Port Moresby.

21. A member of “Lauma” raskol gang in a settlement of Port Moresby.

30. Gimu Jack, 65, shows her mutilated hand in Yamox village, Eastern Highlands Province. Gimu lost the little finger in a fight with her husband, who chopped it off with an ax. However, many Highlander women cut their fingers themselves in family disputes showing their disagreement with their partners or while grieving when one of their family members dies.

35. A security guard sits on a billiard table in one of the night clubs of Port Moresby. Most of the cases of violence against women happen on a weekend, when much of the male population of Papua New Guinea gets very drunk after the work week.

43. Helen lost her leg during a fight with her drunk husband, Alai. Alai chopped off Helen’s right leg with a bush knife in front of their young children who called for help. Alai was arrested by police, however after receiving treatment Helen left her home out of fear that her husband might be released. She returned when she found out Alai had died in prison.

52. Dini Korul, a survivor of sorcery violence, in her house in Wormai village.

59. After spending nearly a year in the hospital, Dini came back to her village. Having been expelled from her community, it was a risk returning home but she had nowhere else to go. On her return, she lived in fear that she would receive further punishment. She barely left her house during daylight hours for several months. She was accepted back by the villagers but never received an apology from her attackers. They were never arrested.

66. The mutilated hands of Rasta, who was tortured by people from her village.

71. A woman looks down the valley from Kassam Pass, Morobe Province. The beautiful landscape of Papua New Guinea’s highlands belies the brutal reality of life in the region, where more than 90 percent of women report suffering gender-based violence.

72. Anny (name changed), 15, in a Mount Hagen brothel. Anny’s brother-in-law force her to work as a prostitute so that she could pay for food and accommodation while staying in his house. She has four to five clients a day.

97. Helen Michael looks in a mirror in her house in Talai Settlement, Port Moresby. After Helen’s lip was bitten off by a stranger she used a plaster to cover it.

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