Web-site updates and usage of my images

Today I finally finished all updates on my web-site. It’s fully operational now. Woohoo! I added new transparent-stile descriptions to all of my photo-essays and uploaded two more photos to my “Grande Hotel” story.

On the contact page of the web-site (and of this blog as well) I updated information about using of my images. At least once a week I receive emails from some organizations, newspapers, journalists etc with requests of using my images for free. I really don’t understand why you respect other professions and pay money to doctors, plumbers or taxi drivers and don’t want to pay to the photographer? Photographers spend their time and money (if it’s not an assignment) going to different (and sometimes very dangerous) places of the planet and working hardly to bring the images to the viewers. Why people think that we just do it for fun and our work shouldn’t be payed and respected? So, please, if you are interested in using my images or want to give me an assignment, contact the photo-agency, which represents my work – Agentur FOCUS. Of course, for educational purposes you can always use my photos from the web-site – it’s free 🙂 Just don’t forget to put my credits.

At the end, I’ve published today another street-story from Mozambique – “Settlement 25th of September”. It’s about life in a new settlement of the Moatize town (Tete Province), to where people were resettled by a big mining company.

I went to this Settlement for the first time with the American journalist Annie Murphy on the assignment for NPR. After that I visited this neighborhood couple more times. This story is a final result of those trips to the “25th of September”.

You can find Annie’s original report on the NPR’s web-site:

Nelson Paulo, a 22-year-old resident of the Settlement “25th of September”.

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