News from the Santa Filomena slum

A few posts ago I wrote about my experience with photographing the Santa Filomena slum in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. At that time – 2010, local authorities were planning the total demolition of this problematic neighbourhood and some houses were occasionally knock down when their residents moved to other places, to prevent the occupation of the barracks by new people.

A street seller sits on her chair in the middle of the Santa Filomena slum. Amadora city, Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Portugal.

When I was working in West Papua I received theĀ news from Portugal, that Santa Filomena was being demolished. In the first phase of the plan city’s authorities were destroying 18 houses. For those who live in the slum unregistered, no alternative habitation was provided.

Only one road divides the slum of Santa Filomena from the rest of the Amadora city. Humberto Delgado Avenue is a frontier not only between the quarters, but also between the normal life and living under the poverty line.

Because of this news I’ve decided to continue my work on this story and want to document the demolition process and the life of the slum even deeper. I already have air tickets to Portugal for this December and I hope to find Santa Filomena slum still on the place. Or at least some part of it.

Remains of the demolished house in the Santa Filomena slum. December 2009


  1. Emanuele

    I just read this and the other post about this story. Needless to say the few pictures I’ve seen on the blog are intense and quite eloquent – just out of curiosity, how did it go? Were you able to complete the project? Has the slum been demolished in the end?

    • Vlad Sokhin

      The demolition continues, last time I was there in February and photographed houses knocking down. So it’s a still ongoing issue at the moment

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