Mozambique. Ramadan 2010

Prayer in a mosque. Mozambique, Tete, Ramadan 2010


  1. Fernando Mendes

    Hi Vlad. It’s good to see that you are posting stories in the blog. I liked the story about AUS that you posted in a russian blog. But what I miss is the MOZ diary.
    Alfama is already burning of festivities and in the streets you can smell the grilled sardines, tomato and green pepper salad with oregani. Well… I don’t want to be bad… but Alfama festivities are not the festivities of “ketchup” like in AUS. Best. fernando

    • Vlad Sokhin

      Hey Fernando! I simply don’t have time for the Mozambican diary. But I will post something in few days, I promise!
      and sure, I prefer sardines than hot-dogs :)))

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