Deep faith of a scuba diver

About a year ago I went to Malawi, to complete my Rescue Diver course in one of the local PADI centers. There, in Chembe village, I met Isa Black, who was one of the staff members of the “Fogman Divers” center. Isa is 56-years-old skipper and diver, who started his career many years ago. He is a muslim, who tries to pray 5 times a day, even in places which are not intended for it. When Isa told me, that he prays even underwater, I grabbed my GoPro camera and asked his permission to join his next diving-worship.

Isa Black (56), in front of a local mosque, Chembe village. (c) Vlad Sokhin

I photographed  the sub-aquatic prayer and than spent couple of days with my story character, documenting his everyday’s life. Later I wrote a short article about Isa Black’s experience.

One week ago my story “Deep faith of a scuba diver” was published in Russian “Independent Newspaper”.

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