93. A new prosthetic hand of Mama Rasta that she got from an American doctor after 10 years of suffering. I met Rasta in April 2012 and, since then, I visited her on almost every trip to PNG. We became close friends. Her story is shocking and I applaud this woman for her will to live despite the trauma she experienced.
Rasta: “I was around when one man died, and they (villagers) said: “you are ‘sanguma’ and you killed this man”… So they cut off my hand. When I wanted to block the bush knife with my other hand, they cut off my finger. But I don’t do ‘sanguma’, they just cut me for no reason…
I survived and stayed for four days at Kujip hospital and then doctor Jim from America released me to go home.
With just one hand I can work, I can chop my own firewood. I fetch water by myself and carry it inside the house. I can plant and dig up my sweet potatoes in the garden. But sometimes it’s hard for me to peel sweet potatoes, so often I give up, I just cook them as they are”.

During one of my visits to Mama Rasta’s village, I went to Kujip hospital, to interview doctor Jim, the same doctor that helped Rasta ten years ago. He told me that by coincidence another doctor from the US was about to come to the province and bring a few dozens prosthetic arms to give for free to disabled people. Doctor Jim put Rasta on his patient’s list and she was the first to get a new prosthesis a week later.

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