83. Jacklyn with her children came to Haus Ruth refuge center in Port Moresby after escaping her violent stepfather.
“When I was five my mum remarried. My step dad was an alcoholic. He would come home and beat my mum and tell her ’Take this bastard out of my house!’ And I would be there watching. And I didn’t know who the ‘bastard’ was. And I would wonder what this word really meant. But with all the treatment I was getting I realized that…
I was the bastard in the house.
My mum… ran away. I was left to stay with my step dad… Physically he used to really kill me half dead. He broke my nose… I have several scars on my head. He broke my finger, my lips… I used to carry a black eye and go to school… He paid a bride price for my mother…

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