82. People in Haus Ruth refuge.
I kept coming to Haus Ruth again and again, almost on every visit to Papua New Guinea. This refuge center is located near the famous Ela Beach, where families usually go for weekends. From the barbed wire fence, through the iron bars on the windows, women and children survivors can watch how people barbeque, how kids play in the water… But behind the well-guarded walls of the refuge, victims and survivors still live in fear despite being considered the ‘lucky ones’ – those who managed to escape the violence and receive a temporally shelter.

They tell me horrible stories of their lives, stories that you would never imagine in your worst nightmare. They share all their pain with a complete stranger with a camera, hoping that somehow I can help them. Every time I leave Haus Ruth, I am devastated. I know that not all the stories that they shared with me will be published. Some editors will find them too shocking and the photos too graphic.

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