Crying Meri: violence against women in Papua New Guinea

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Examination room at the Antenatal Clinic of Port Moresby. Doctors say that every week they receive at least 3 women, who were victims of sexual assault. However, the majority of Papua New Guinean women are afraid to report sexual violence, not wanting to have their case became known to relatives and neighbors.


  1. Milly

    Its sad to hear my mother country is going so badly and that women are in fear all the time.
    Like Ume Wainetti said I remember running wlid thru the bush and collecting seashells as a child.
    My father was superintendant at the Bamana Police College and although PNG was under Australian rule at the time it was alot more peaceful than it is today. When Australia was in
    control conditions were better and women were not as scared as they are today.
    Its a shame its government can’t get on top of all the corruption and crime, like I tell
    all my friends my memories of growing up in PNG are filled with much joy and happiness and if conditions were better in the country, Aussies would’nt be going to Fiji and Bali for holidays
    when we have a paradise like PNG in our back yard.
    Its a real shame.

  2. Lapieh Landu

    Images speak a thousand words, thank you Vlad for bringing these issues to life, it has ignited thought and action in many of us fellow Papua New Guineans, any of those women could be my mother, my sister or my daughter, I want to live in a country that does not disrespect our women!

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