Crying Meri Book

All right, it is happening! The kickstarter crowd funding campaign to support publishing Crying Meri book have started today!

When I first came to Papua New Guinea with the idea to work on a short photo-essay about violence against women, I did not imagine that such supposed to be a short-term project will transform to more than two years documentation of one of the most violent society on the planet. Using photography and multimedia tools and collecting women’s stories, I have build a solid visual documentary piece, which my publishers from FotoEvidence and I want to transform to a “Crying Meri” hardcopy and iPad book. This book will stand as an historic documentation of the extreme gender violence in PNG and give voice to its victims and activists working for change.

The book will include my “Crying Meri Diaries,” field notes and Polaroid images that capture my personal experience traveling in PNG and my conversations with the people I photographed.

In order to publish this book I need to raise funds and would like to invite you to be a part of the book supporting campaign. By backing Crying Meri you will not only give me support, but preorder you signed hardcopy version of the book and an iPad e-book.

Please check out our kickstarter campaign:

FotoEvidence and I will very much appreciate your support of this project and spreading the word about our campaign among your friends and co-workers, through the social media.

Thank you!

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