An albino in Mozambique by Vlad Sokhin

Gon├žalves during the Saturday Mass in Tete’s Catholic church.

Albinism – congenital absence of melanin in the body which affects the color of the skin, hair and eyes. In European countries albinos do not stand out much due to high rate of multiracial countries, yet in Africa they live in heavily populated black communities, being open for discrimination. In Tanzania, a lot of examples when albinos were killed and their organs were eaten to “heal” diseases may be found. In Zimbabwe, it is a popular belief that raping an albino woman will “cure” AIDS. Albinos in Mozambique, however, are not subjected to such brutal discrimination, but are usually abandoned by their own parents.
This is a story about albino Gon├žalves Cresosto from the town of Tete, Central Mozambique.

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