My interview on Women’s World Wide Web blog

Women’s WorldWide Web (W4) features my work on violence against women in Papua New Guinea:

Work in PNG

I’m still in PNG, working on couple human rights project for the UN and continuing documenting violence against women for my “Crying Meri” project. So far, my personal photo exhibition was opened in Port Moresby two weeks ago and soon it’s traveling to Goroka.

This Friday both of Papua New Guinean newspapers “Post-Courier” and “National” ran one of my photos from the “Crying Meri” series as a part of the national campaign against gender based violence.

I’m very happy that my photographs are helping to stop violence against women in PNG. Big thanks to United Nations Human Rights for great support!

Heading to Papua New Guinea

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Papua New Guinea for about 3 weeks. Going to have my personal exhibition in Port Moresby during Human Rights Film Festival and than cover for the United Nations some human right issues.

HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL will take place in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 14 – 18 November in University of Papua New Guinea (10am – 7pm every day).

November 14 at 11.30am: Official opening of the photo exhibition “CRYING MERI” at Michael Somare Library with the author/photographer Vlad Sokhin.

“A time of crocodiles” exhibited in Lisbon

Exhibition of the Portuguese photojournalism award “Estação Imagem|Mora” is in Lisbon, in Cordoaria Nacional. Photos from my story “A time of crocodiles: Humans and nature clash in Mozambique” are displayed there among the work of other winners, hope to see it when I come to Lisbon in 6 weeks. The exhibition will be open for visitors until December 20.

Photograph of the negative

At the FotoEvidence Book Award exhibition in VII Agency Gallery, NYC, with Maxim Dondyuk and Svetlana Bachevanova. My project “Crying Meri” is exhibited there among the work of Alex Masi, Maxim Dondyuk, Lisa Wiltse and Michelle Frankfurter.