Exhibition in New York

“Crying Meri” among 4 other projects will be exhibited in New York at the “VII Agency” Gallery in Brooklyn. On 25th of October at 5.30 pm is the opening of the FotoEvidence Book Award exhibition, if you are at that time in NYC, please come!

People with disabilities in Papua New Guinea

In January 2012 while I was working in Port Moresby one local NGO asked me to help them with documenting life of disabled people. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for this project, hopefully I will be able to help them with the visual documentation of their work in close future.

Before I’ve been contacted by that NGO, I met Janetta Douglas in Port Moresby, an Australian woman, who helps disabled people in PNG. She took me to the Pari village, the home a small community of handicapped people.

Disabled residents of the Pari village during their daily walk. Papua New Guinea.

Pari village is situated on the south coast of PNG, few kilometres to the east from Port Moresby. It is a very nice and quite traditional Papuan village on the water, inhabited by Motu speakers.

Kemaea Mase (17), sits on a wheelchair in her house, Pari village. She was born healthy, but at the age of four she became paralysed. By the age of 16, she was always laying on the floor of her house, until she has got a wheelchair, donated to her family. Hovewer, Kemaea still can’t go to the street, as there is no ramp to her house, which is lifted from the water on high poles. Pari village, Papua New Guinea.

More than 20 disabled people live in Pari, many of them do not have wheelchairs and can’t leave their homes for years. But even for those lucky ones, who received help from the NGO’s or altruists, moving in Pari is very difficult. The roads don’t have pavement and there are no ramps for the wheelchairs.

Guba Frank, 16, became disable after he had meningitis in infancy. He doesn’t have a wheelchair and spend all days lying on the floor of his mother’s house. Pari village, Papua New Guinea.

Janetta Douglas raises funds in Australia to bring Pari residents wheelchairs and other aid. If you wish to help people PNG disabled people, please contact her at Your help will be very much appreciated!

42-year-old Karoho Donisi, lives in a traditional Papuan house on the water in Pari village. In 2000 he had a spinal injury during a rugby game and became disabled. His dream is to get a smartphone with a Facebook app to be always connected with his frends.

Cell Phone Camera Competition

Well, it’s not a very big deal, but I have received a 2nd place in “Cell Phone Camera Competition” for the story “Veteran in the hospital/Mobilography”.
The photos were taken when I had treatment in a Russian hospital in 2009 and photographed with my Nokia cell-phone camera Ivan Lobov, a 90-year-old WWII veteran, who was recovering from a heart attack on the bed next to me.

Although I don’t do mobilography/iphoneography anymore (and I have some reasons for it), this story is very personal to me and I keep showing it to the viewers.


The full story can be found on my web-site:

“Veteran in the hospital / Mobilography”

Traces of Humanity exhibition

Five of my photos from Africa are participating in the group exhibition “Traces of Humanity” in Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition has opened on September 21st.

Mother’s embrace. Mozambican albino Gonçalves Cresosto visits his home village Lanbue (Tete Province) to see his relatives. It was over a year that he saw his mother Ana Maria Moises (55).

Georgia, 2005

One of my very first pictures. 2005.

Georgia, Jvari (Cross) Pass on Georgian Military Road.


Dorin, 23, was brutally attacked by her husband and expelled from her house. Dorin’s drunken husband assaulted her, kicking her in the abdomen, and repeatedly striking her face against the wall. During the ultrasound the doctors did not hear the heartbeat of the unborn baby. Later husband came to the hospital to take her back and continued to assault her at the hospital ward. Although this was reported to the police, the man has not been arrested.

Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea.

Few more photos from Perpignan

A friend of mine, Russian photographer Alexey Nikolaev sent me couple of photos from the screening of my “Crying Meri” project in Visa Pour L’Image photojournalism festival in Perpigan, France. It was projected last Friday at Campo Santo.

photo Alexey Nikolaev

photo Alexey Nikolaev

“Crying Meri” in M-journal, Russia

“Crying Meri” is featured in M-journal on Liberty SU. Finally in Russian!

Dini Korul, a victim of sorcery related violence. Wormai village, Simbu Province.


“Crying Meri” in Mediapart Magazine, France

Crying Meri is featured in MEDIAPART magazine, France.

The bride wears a crown of 100 kina notes (each worth about 50 USD) during the ceremony of the “bride price.” The Papuan man must pay money to the bride’s parents before the wedding. Once man “bought” his wife, she fully belongs to him like a vehicle or any other thing and he could treat her the way he wants. Port Moresby, Hanuabada village, Papua New Guinea.