Cargo Cult photo-story

“Cargo Cult” photo-story from Vanuatu is finally on my web-site. Check it out!

Lamakara villagers paint USA on theirs chests and backs. For them the United States is a dream country, from where they except to receive “cargo”, that was promised by John Frum.

Zion Church exorcists in National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler magazine (Poland) has published my story about Zion Church exorcists from Mozambique. This is second publication of this story in Poland in the last couple of months.


In 2009 I spent two weeks in Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia, documenting life of Tatar-Mishar people. They are muslims and proudly call their land Misharistan, keeping a very traditional way of life.

See the reportage on “Birthmark on the Map” blog (in Russian)

Lenin’s monument near the mosque “Rashida” in Mediana village. Local Tatars proudly call their village “Medina”.

Crying Meri: a woman from Kundiawa

One more photo from “Crying Meri” project:

Hellen Alphons (about 38 years old), lost her leg in 2005 in a fight with her drunk husband, Alai Kawa. Alai chopped out Hellen’s right leg with a bush knife in front of their young children, who later called for help. Alai Kawa was arrested by police, but Hellen left her home after the treatment with the fear that her husband might be released.  She came back only in 2010 when she found out that Alai died in prison. Nowadays she lives together with Alai’s sister and they both run a small shop in Kundiawa town, Simbu Province.

Best Photographer Award 2012

My story from Mozambique “The Grande Hotel” has received the 3rd place prize in Russian “Best Photographer” award (“reportage” category).

CRYING MERI – more images

CRYING MERI: Violence against women in Papua New Guinea

The full project is now on my web-site with photos from my last trip to PNG.

Check it out!

Dini Korul (about 52-54 years old), a victim of sorcery-related violence, lies on the bed in her house in Womai village, Simbu Province.

Interview in “Maiak Portugalii”

Tearsheet of my interview in “Maiak Portugalii” (Portuguese newspaper for immigrants from ex-USSR in Russian). It was one of the first newspapers in Portugal, which started to publish my articles and photographs few years ago. Unfortunately this interview is available only in offline version of the paper.

“Maiak Portugalii”, №491, 27.04.2012